Monday, August 10, 2009

Global Workshops:"Although I said yes, that does not mean I agree with you"

Multi-cultural workshops bring about surprises.
We are all different, nevertheless companies could build their own common "English Marketing Jargon" that seems to be understood by the company culture.
This could hide big differences! In general the differences are more "political" (have their own agendas) than linguistic. We need to be prepared for this.

Have a plan, and be ready to live it aside and to be flexible.
Our workshops are not presentations in which we just present something and run away.
We need to build consensus and to create something together.
We are involved with the end results.
That means trying to understand what is "happening" at the meeting, at each table.
To help our client to build an agenda that really understands the audience: what is the desired output and which are the battles to fight (some battles are not worth it).
And to have clarity on the moments to be open to creativity and to embrace new ideas.

A workshop is a combination of a rational agenda and an emotional experience. Ideally it should pursue to bring out the best of every participant.

(Workshops: in Shanghai, Honk Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Madrid, London, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Singapore, etc)


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