Monday, August 10, 2009

behind the scenes, some strategic thoughts

Halls, Cadbury: Brand vision "Fresh Eyes" - ""When was the last time you saw things for the first time". A way to unify function and emotion. Refreshment that makes you feel renewed. Triggered by the consumer insights that view Halls as a "like a shower in a candy".
Ibupirac, Pfizer: The category is saying: "Take a pill so you can go on". We suggest taking care of yourself, so you would not need us. Example: warm up before physical exercise.
Insurance, HSBC: To promote taking an insurance, we work on the insight that losses are more intense than winnings, that’s why we developed "Real value: the real value of stuff is the efforts behind" (Print Awarded in Cannes 2007)
Knorr, Unilever: To reinvigorate the brand and category. "Soup comforts your body and soul".
PediaSure, Abbott: A nutritional product for picky consumer. After understanding moms everyday fights with their kids we uncovered the real insight: "when a kid rejects mom's food, mom feels that her son is rejecting her". Then we become the ally with: "Don´t give up, keep on trying to teach him to eat healthy food, one day you will succeed" The product role is to give her peace of mind that meanwhile she is teaching her kid to eat properly the product will cover any nutritional need.
Dolca, Nestlé: ""An instant coffee that says: take your time". Consumers take a long time to prepare their coffee in a personal way. It’s not an instant coffee. Understanding coffee moments as opening doors to emotional connections.
Gain, Abbott: "The future is Today". Every day is important in kids development.